The Christmas Wishlist

2021 saw the 15th Crossfit Games.

It brought growth.

It brought continued adjustment to new normals.

It brought loss.

It brought new life.

We may not be Justin Medeiros or Tia-Clair Toomey, but we are all moving. Be that recovering, maintaining or growing, maybe even competing – it matters not. What matters is that we are coming to the box. After almost two years being deprived of social contact, the Saxon Community is stronger than ever. Just look at the Awards dished out to our deserving Members on 10th December.

Stronger together still resonates. Collective suffering continues to unite, and the willingness to nurture, support and encourage is ever evident amongst Members and Coaches alike. So with that in mind, this post is for you dear Members. It’s our thank you to you. Thank you for coming to our box. Thank you for the banter, the kindness and the sheer effort and determination we see day after day.

Whether you come once a month or daily is irrelevant, we just love to see you. We love to see the growth, the sheer joy when you smash the hell out of a movement or hit a PB. We love to see your achievements, sharing in your happy times too. We have seen your Families grow and dear friends and family leave us. I tend to think we are a reflective bunch at the best of times, but there’s nothing like the end of another year to give you cause to ponder. Pause and reflect on what has been. Maybe you’ll wonder what is to come too. It’s long been a cliche to set a ‘New Year Resolution’ – maybe you won’t bother and that’s ok too- however, let me ask you this. If you had a Wishlist, what would be on it? This year has shown us how fleeting our lives can be. I’m fairly confident someone would be telling us to get on with it right? So let’s do just that. Together.

As Coaches we couldn’t be prouder of you all. Covid continues to affect us all, and most likely will for some time to come. We will continue to adapt and overcome operating responsibly and keeping you safe with appropriate control measures in place.

Saxon wouldn’t be the same without our Members. The unique and diverse Members create a real melting pot of fun, warmth and hilarity that I’ve yet to encounter anywhere else. It’s special and it’s why you keep coming back. It is, after all, only four walls and a rubber floor with some toys inside it…you breathe the life into it and make it so awesome. We hope you have a Happy Christmas, whatever you do and however you choose to spend it.

2022 – we are coming for you. Get ready…