Saxon CrossFit 2021 Member Awards

Saxon CrossFit 2021 Member Awards

The winners of our 2021 Member Awards were announced on Friday night at our Christmas Party.

The drinks were flowing, the food was plentiful, the venue (Wymondham Rugby Club) and service were spot on and above all, the company was absolutely amazing.

The Saxon Family, by the looks of it, had a fantastic time!

This year our member awards were:

Most committed to the Saxon community

Most committed to training

Most improved

Member of the Year

Apart from Member of the year the winners are all selected by the coaches. We each nominate someone and then get together and discuss who we feel deserves the award the most out of the nominees.

Most committed to the Saxon community award:

Members make our community and what a special community we have at Saxon.

The most committed to the community award is to acknowledge the person who contributes heavily to what we do as a community. To recognise those who are always there, in whatever capacity: competing, supporting, cheering or just being present.

It’s such a pleasure and humbling experience to choose the winner of this category. All our members make significant contributions to our community, we see day in day out their generosity of spirit and support for their fellow members and ourselves the Saxon Team. This year there has been many many members that have gone above and beyond. The shortlist, is not that short;

Louise with her brilliant photography and blog posts

Jason Smith for popping in on a regular basis to help the Saxon Team with DIY

Frances Peters, Heidi Mills, Lindsey Imeson, Lisa Johnson, Nicola Brooks, Sam Parker for organising and putting on “Farmageddon” our Summer Event.

Sharon Johnson for the use of her beautiful home for “Farmageddon”

In the end, the winner Sam Parker, made it very easy for us to decide.

Sam has ben involved in all our events and competitions in some capacity this year;

As part of a team of members that helps organise all our events; “Farmageddon” our Summer event as we came out of Lockdown, “MaccaTac Surf and Turf”, Halloween Competition, Christmas Party, name any Saxon event and Sam has been there helping, supporting, doing.

Sam’s been to both Suffolk Games events, cheering on all our teams that have been competed there.

Sam’s also been a rock for many a member and the Saxon Team, offering support and a metaphorical arm around the shoulder. Thank you Sam, hard earned and well deserved.

Most committed to training award:

This award is to recognise the individual who has gone above and beyond to stay committed and consistent with their training. Who prioritises it, makes time for it and gets it in regardless. This year there was a clear winner;

James Hampton

James can be found at the box most days, rain or shine, hot or cold, training hard! He embraces every workout with enthusiasm giving his all. He has a wicked sense of humour and is super supportive. Having joined us this year 15th April 2021, James has attended 171 classes not including the many double sessions, he love’s to do on a regular basis. That’s an impressive average of 5 classes a week. On top of his training at the box James has represented Saxon at the Suffolk Games “Team of 4” and “Mixed Pairs” events. You’re absolutely smashing it James, well done.

Most improved award:

Who has improved as an athlete the most in 2021. Who has progressed their fitness, their level of skill, their attitude to training, their work rate or their pain tolerance. Who has started lifting heavier, hitting more complex movements or pushing their boundaries a little more. Who ultimately has improved.

This year we have female and male categories.

The nominees were;

Andy Ralston

Chris Parsons

Lisa Clark

Sarah Dixon

The winners are Andy Ralston and Lisa Clark

Andy joined us March 2020. This year he’s stepped up to using RX weights in almost every sessions, continually hits PB’s, masters new skills regularly. He moves well and we’ve seen a massive improvement in his olympic lifting and gymnastic form. Andy’s willingness to learn and adapt to workouts has been the key to his all round improvement in his fitness, strength and skills. Friendly and welcoming to all who train with him. We have been so impressed, well done Andy.

Lisa joined us October 2020, at that point she’d been focussing on her running only and was looking to vary her fitness regime. Lisa has gone from strength to strength this year, focusing on lifting heavier, perfecting form, nailing her gymnastic movements and embracing intensity over long distance. Lisa could move fast, very fast as a runner and she’s brought that speed in to the CrossFit arena, there’s not many members that now keep up with her. Lisa works herself extremely hard in class and makes time for her own extra curricular activities. It’s plain to see Lisa’s improvements. Amazing, well done Lisa.

Member of the Year award:

This is the only award voted for by you guys, the members. This is where you get to tell us who you think is an epic Saxon. Which of your peers makes you proud to be part of Saxon, makes you want to work a little harder or be a little better. Who makes you feel welcome and at home in a class, who do you feel is a good ambassador for what we do.

23 members received votes:

Aaron Bleach, Amelia Gray, Becky Thorp, Frances Peters, Gemma Lincoln, Heidi Mills, Helena Scott, James Hampton, James Howes, John Evans, Luke Cadby-Gledhill, Maddison Brooks, Nicola Brooks, Paul Amiss, Richard Imeson, Ricky Lewis, Sam Parker, Sarah Dixon, Sharon Johnson, Sheila Greenacre, Steph Johnson, Steve Walsh, Tracy MitchellA massive well done to everyone who got a vote. You have inspired or supported someone more than you realise.

So to the award;

Joint third are Frances Peters and Steph Jonson

Second is James Hampton

First and your Saxon CrossFit Member of the Year 2021 Aaron Bleach

Aaron has had the honour of being runner up two years in a row and it looked like he was going to make it a full trilogy! Instead it was third time lucky and Aaron pipped James to the post.

Aaron is Saxon through and through, a great athlete, consistently works hard, always around for a laugh and a chat. He is involved in all Saxon events, competes at every opportunity and is a good friend to members.While Aaron works exceptionally hard in his workouts, he still makes time to encourage and support his fellow Saxon members. Through injuries, big changes, uncertainty, lockdowns, Aaron has maintained his enthusiasm and his sense of humour!

I think these few direct quote sum Aaron up pretty well;

Always encouraging. Absolute grafter but somehow managed not to take everything too seriously. And the fact he ploughs through weekend WODs with a raging hangover!

He services all our cars; we’ve all seen his bum; he’s pooped his pants for the team; and he’s an all round great guy.

He was so close last year, and looks like the punisher!

Very well deserved Aaron, you’re an Inspiration. 9 December 2021