Frustrated with your fitness progress this year?

Is this you? It’s definitely me!

Starting back at Saxon CrossFit as the lockdown eased in March 2021, felt like starting all over again. That first workout was approached with excitement and trepidation knowing it was going to be super painful, yet looking forward to that expected and needed high at the end of the session. Training with a coach and in a group again was just the motivation needed to push harder in training. Although fitness was no where near pre-pandemic levels, optimistic that it would come back fast. Rapid progress towards pre-pandemic fitness levels was initially made, but now, near the end of the year, this progress has stalled and those pre-pandemic levels are still to be reached. This lack of progress is frustrating.

Rapid progress is made when motivated and training hard at high intensity programmed CrossFit. While this rapid progress is made it can make us measure it over a short daily/weekly time scale and lull us in to increased expectations. When the inevitable slow down hits, it’s a challenge to our fitness motivation.

There are a number of actions that I find help alleviate the frustration and keep me motivated. These are not my ideas, I’ve learnt them from experience and speaking with the Saxon CrossFit coaches and members that supported and guided me at my time of fitness need.

1 Remembering my CrossFit journey from the start – When CrossFit was new to me, my expectations were that it would be a steep learning curve and very hard work to become fit enough to be proficient. I can still remember my first training session, I’m still so much fitter than I was then!

2 Understanding myself – When starting back after lockdown my expectations were high, I’d done it before so I should be able to quickly become proficient again and maybe even better. I have come to terms with the reality, I’m going to have to work as hard as I did when I first started and I have to accept that being nearly 2 years older than I was when lockdown started in March 2020, is going to affect my speed of progress and probably my height of progress.

3 Recognise the stages of progress – Being able to recognise where I am on my progress path with each individual exercises, and each type of exercise . This enables me to accept the small or large improvements I should and am making. I now feel great when I get to that frustrated incremental improvement stage, I know that I’m close to the fittest I’ve ever been.

4 Understanding the CrossFit Philosophy – Why the workouts are programmed like they are and why I should do the workouts, movements, and practice the skills I don’t like, as well as the ones I do like. The constantly varied, if not randomised, functional movements, executed at high intensity, make me fitter, stronger and healthier than any other fitness discipline I’ve ever tried.

5 Taking responsibility for my progress, the speed or lack of it. Only I can influence it by training harder in classes and independently training in open gym to gain the momentum I want.

6 Measuring my progress year on year. I am fitter than December 2020, I’m definitely working out more, lifting heavier weights, have better cardio and my waistline is slimmer. This motivates me to continue training.

7 Setting goals – This works for me in many parts of my life. I find it particularly useful with fitness. When I have goals, doing the right training suddenly becomes so much easier.

8 Asking for help – I’m surrounded by very knowledgeable people, Saxon’s coaches. They have fantastic depth of knowledge and a hunger to learn even more. When I want to gain strength, increase my engine capacity, master a new or existing skill, remind myself why I should bother, in fact anything fitness wise, asking their advice helps me achieve the results I want faster.

With the above in mind the coaches and I would like to help you make progress at the fastest rate you can. As part of the Saxon CrossFit membership we are offering free goal setting sessions, which we’ll track and review with you. It may be that your goals will require extra curricular activity and If that’s the case, we’ll build you an individual fitness and/or nutrition program that will help you achieve them (goal setting, tracking and reviewing is included in membership, individual programming will come at an additional cost).

So if you are frustrated, not quite hitting your stride, looking to progress faster, come and have an initial chat and find out how this will work for you.

All the best for 2022,