Your First Pull Up

Getting their first pull up is a great achievement for any athlete. It is a clear and undisputed demonstration of upper body strength and a great stepping stone to more advanced gymnastics movements. However, it will require some work and dedication so here’s a few key tips from the coaching team at Saxon CrossFit:

Mobilise: if you can’t hang with a solid overhead position and active shoulders this is where you need to start. Opening up your chest and lats is crucial to achieving a strict pull up.

Learn to hang: getting both your shoulders and forearms used to supporting your body weight is essential to getting consistent pull ups. As a starting point build some dead hangs into your warm ups.

Get strong: the strength required to complete a strict pull up is not easily earned. Negative pull ups and close to parallel ring rows are some of the best movements to build the necessary strength. Be strict with yourself and put the work in.

Be consistent: The best way to achieve anything in fitness is consistency. Pick a goal and establish a plan to work towards it. Follow this plan consistently and you’ll be knocking out the reps in no time

Be patient: Modern life teaches us that everything is instant. Fitness will swiftly remind you otherwise. Invest the time and effort into your pull up and we promise it will come.

Gemma and Louise (pictured) both joined us unable to complete strict pull ups. After utilising open gym and the time before and after classes to work on the above they can now rack out both strict and kipping pull ups with ease. (Obviously, it helps if you have box dog Arthur cheering you on!)