Effort is Impressive:


In the world of fitness it’s easy to be impressed by someone who posts big weights and high scores for their workouts. We assume these people have given their all to achieve these numbers and are constantly working at the limits of their physical ability.

They might well be but that doesn’t mean we should disregard the amount of effort put in by the athlete PB’ing their back squat at 40kg or hitting their first workout RX.

It isn’t a person’s score that should impress you, but their level of effort.

An athlete physically capable of doing 30 burpees in a minute but who only gets 27 has not given it their full effort.

An athlete who is capable of doing 10 burpees in the same time frame but who gives their all to squeeze out that 11th rep has put in a huge fucking effort!

It’s very easy to be more impressed by the 27 reps when in reality we should be in awe of the 11!

Someone’s fitness is only impressive if it is earned and if it is improving.