If you train in any manner that is worthwhile you will be aware of the toll it can take on your hands. Barbells, pull ups bars, rowers and kettle bells will all leave their marks on your palms and fingers. It can be painful and it can be frustrating, particularly if a rip or tear means you have to alter a workout. The key to avoiding all this is sound hand care. (Taking the ‘I’ll just man the fuck up and deal with it option’ will only get you so far.) Here are a few tips we recommend to keep your hands happy(-ish) and tear free:

Keep calluses down: use a pumice stone, emery board, sand paper or basically anything remotely abrasive to keep your calluses to a minimum. One smooth area of hardened skin is a lot less likely to tear than a load of ridges across your hand!

Moisturise: whilst moisturising your hands doesn’t sit highly on the list of manly things to do it will save you from whimpering mid-wod about your hands being sore. Pick a decent brand and apply it regularly before bed. (Do not moisturise directly before class and then completely negate its purpose by using a shit ton of chalk to counteract it.)

Use less chalk: the number one reason we see people tearing their hands is excessive chalk use. No matter how sweaty you are no one needs to reapply a whole hand of covering chalk between every rep!

Use grips: they might not be the most comfortable or performance enhancing things in the world but gymnastics grips will help you to stop tearing. Our entire coaching team all regularly use Jaw Grips to keep the rips and tears at bay. We highly recommend them!

Tape up: hook grip, check. Knurling, check. Thumbs sore as fuck, check. Get some tape on your fattest digit and it will take some of the burden. They’ll never be pain free but we know secretly no one is looking for that!

Hopefully this will help your hands to stay in top condition and keep you on that bar just a little longer!