Yes. Everyone at all of the 10,000+ CrossFit affiliates worldwide is absolutely fucking jacked. CrossFit has designed a system when as soon as you look at a barbell you pack on muscle like a prize bull. Simple.

Or no.

The truth is I die a little inside every time a female member asks me this question – I say female because very few men have ever been concerned about adding on muscle and for most it is the very reason they train!

Why does this question frustrate me – not because it’s a myth (which it is) but because it would be considered a problem if it were true. Our mentality is so set on women being unhealthily skinny and devoid of all muscle that anybody who doesn’t buy into it is considered manly, bulky, abnormal etc.  In reality the women held up to us by the media as the must have look are incredibly unhealthy and possess a physique that is unachievable for the vast majority of people.

Will CrossFit increase your muscle mass? It’s likely too, yes, as would any well rounded exercise regime. Is this a bad thing? No. You need muscles to move in the first part. And an increased muscle mass will increase the amount of calories your body burns throughout the day and will therefore reduce the amount of fat you carry.

Will I look bulky? If you add in a 4000+ calorie high protein diet, train 6 days a week for multiple hours and throw some bodybuilding movements into the mix – yes. If you attend 3-5 constantly varied, functional movement sessions performed at a high intensity each week and eat a normal healthy diet – no.

Is CrossFit the place to get a 2 foot thigh gap and turn your shoulders into a coat hanger? No. Just try eating a slice of toast and a cigarette a day if this is your goal.

Is CrossFit the place to develop a healthy, empowering and functional physique that as a human you should prioritise above all else? Yes.

Is CrossFit the place to bullet proof your body so it remains healthy and disease free for the next 80 years?  Yes.

Is this post going to change anyone’s mindset or make the slightest bit of difference to how some women view weight training / CrossFit / muscles / fitness? I really hope so.

Coach Tim