Do you often find yourself looking at the white board before class and wondering just what language the workout is written in? Do you find yourself having to google random letters and words when your friend tells you what the WOD is today?

You’re not alone! CrossFit has its own language and at first it can seem just a little confusing. Here’s our Saxon CrossFit glossary to help you work out just what workout you will be doing:


AMRAP: as many reps/rounds as possible – complete as much work as you can in a specified time frame

STOH: shoulder to overhead – moving the designated piece of kit overhead in a press / push press / push jerk

GTOH: ground to overhead – moving the designated piece of kit from touching the floor to overhead via a clean and jerk, snatch or other variant

T2B: toe to bar – whilst hanging from the pull up bar, lifting your feet until they touch the bar between your hands

KBS: a kettle-bell swing

RFT: rounds for time – complete a specified volume of work as fast as you can.

EMOM: each minute on the minute – start a prescribed amount of work every 60 seconds

HSPU: handstand push up – Tim’s nemesis

WOD: workout of the day – the workout you are literally about to do!

The box: our word for gym – the place you are about to complete your workout

Spicy: Coach Tim’s favourite word to describe a particularly intense workout

PVC: The lovely pipes we use to warm you all up and drill movements with

Chipper: a workout with a high volume of reps that you will have to ‘chip’ away at

Have we missed any? Comment below with anything you think would be a good addition to this list.