The best reasons to CrossFit can easily be found by trawling through body building forums online or by asking your friend down the leisure centre who has never actually tried CrossFit. They will include but not be limited to: losing all your gains and being beaten to death with high fives and Americanisms.

Believe it or not the best reasons to get involved with CrossFit are best sourced from the people who actually CrossFit. Here’s our top three reasons to get involved:


  1. It works, simple. With small coached classes and well programmed workouts we know our members are getting structure, variance and drive into their fitness regime. These are often found lacking in regularly gym routines with people completing the same 3 day split or treadmill session for months if not years on end. Our coaching team will all vouch that CrossFit has provided them results they had not experienced before.


  1. It’s fun. The workouts, the variance, the people and the atmosphere all make CrossFit fun. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of hard work and you will not enjoy every single second of every single workout. However, you will laugh and you will smile, you will be proud of your achievements and you will leave each session filled with some wicked endorphins! We guarantee it will be the best hour of your day!


  1. The people are epic! You’ll be hard pushed to find a better group of people to be around. Fun, supportive, hardworking and caring our members all come from vastly different backgrounds but are united by their desire to forge their fitness through CrossFit. Saxon CrossFit is known nationwide for having one of the most supportive and welcoming communities around – which is pretty epic considering CrossFit as a whole is known for these qualities!