What is Soph doing?

 Saxon CrossFit is pleased to announce its first Coaching Intern!


Soph warming up her first class!

Most of you have probably seen Sophie Fallon leading a warm-up at the box, helping the other coaches with a Foundations session or sitting with Coach Tim watching a class. This is because Sophie has just become our first coaching intern!

As the Saxon CrossFit community continues to grow so will the coaching team. More coaches will allow us to put on more classes, more workshops and more open gym. It will also allow us to maintain always having two coaches in a class so our members get the best possible coaching!

It is very important to us to maintain the high level of coaching we provide at Saxon CrossFit and that anyone who coaches for us represents the Saxon brand in the same way we do. The Saxon CrossFit community is made up of people passionate about health, fitness and who already embrace our values and methods. As we look to expand our coaching team we can’t think of a better place to look for recruits than this community!

When we decided to begin our internship Sophie Fallon was our first and obvious choice. Sophie has been a part of Saxon CrossFit from very early on and instantly became an integral part of our community. Sophie is a natural teacher, a keen and quick learner and one of the friendliest people on earth. Over the next few months you will see Sophie shadowing the coaches as they take you through a class, leading the warm ups and assisting with coaching some of the more technical movements. Going from athlete to coach can be a difficult and daunting task so please support Sophie in this and show her the same respect and friendliness you show the current coaches, we all have to start somewhere!

We can’t wait to watch Sophie develop into a fantastic coach and are excited to see what she will bring to our coaching arsenal! We want to thank Sophie for agreeing to be part of our coaching team and look forward to helping her develop over the coming months!


Anyone Else?

It takes something special to be a coach at Saxon CrossFit. You must have genuine passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness, want the best from every single member in the box and put the training needs of others before yourself. You must be virtuous in the basic movements and be able to break down and see movement patterns in the technical ones. Becoming a coach is a long and hard journey and one that ultimately will never end due to the ever evolving world of fitness. However it is the most rewarding, varied and exciting jobs out there! As we continue to grow we will no doubt look to develop more coaches from within our community. If this is something you feel you would like to do then speak to Jess or Tim for more details.

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