Saxon athlete at the UK Obstacle Course Racing Championships!

Last week we wrote about how CrossFit had helped Saxon athlete Camilla improve her performance in the world of dressage. This week we are focusing on how CrossFit has helped Saxon athlete Fiona Mantle qualify for the UK Obstacle Course Racing Championships in November.

A fitness professional herself, Fiona, arrived at Saxon CrossFit last year already a capable athlete. However since joining Saxon Fiona has made leaps and bounds in her all round fitness and has put this to the test through her love of obstacle course racing.

Made popular through the like of Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, obstacle course racing (OCR) involves a distance run where the athletes are hindered by all manner and variety of obstacles. A high degree of cardio respiratory endurance, combined with strength, speed and stamina are required to do well in this type of event.



Fiona mid obstacle race!




Fiona has used her CrossFit developed fitness to tackle numerous races and put in some impressive performances. Fiona has placed 10th at ‘Pain and Suffering’, 3rd at ‘The Suffering’ and 4th at ‘Insane Terrain’. Ranked as one of the top non-elite runners in the UK, Fiona has been invited to compete in the UK OCR Championships on 14th November this year.

Fiona states that her strength and ability to climb up and over obstacles has improved greatly since starting at Saxon CrossFit and her ability to push and keep going is far beyond what it once was.

We can’t wait to see Fiona tear up the finals in November and look forward to seeing her develop even more as an athlete over the coming months!

Awesome work Fiona!!!

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