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Members Survey at Saxon CrossFit:


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Over the last couple of weeks we have been asking our members to fill out a survey about the box. It was our way of finding out what they liked, what they disliked and what they would like to see in the future. We had a fantastic response from the members with loads of positive feedback and some awesome suggestions. Thankfully there was very little negative feedback!

The goal of the survey was to allow us, as coaches and owners, to improve our members experience of our box and to ensure we were fulfilling their expectations. We wanted the survey to be anonymous so people could be open and frank with us and we made a promise to ourselves that we would react to anything that got mentioned by more than one member.

So far in response to the survey we have:

1 – Ordered some more 5kg bumper plates. This was something we knew we needed and had always planned to do on our next kit order. You guys will not be running out of these anytime soon!

2 – Constructed some ‘cubby’ holes for everyone’s bags. This is something Coach Tim had wanted for ages but since no one had mentioned it we invested in more kit instead. Pretty much everyone on the survey asked for bag storage so the next day we built some!

3 – Added 6am classes! We had requests from lots of people for a 6am class. These people also said they might not always come to a 6am but would like the option. We have therefore put on an optional 6am class. Tuesdays and Thursdays the first class will be at 6am, however: if no one is booked in by 9pm the night before then the class will not run. The coaches have absolutely no problem opening at anytime for anyone but don’t want to be opening for no one. Get booked in and see you at 6am!

4 – Added coached classes on a Friday. We had lots of requests for coached classes on Fridays but just as many requests for more Open Gym time. We have therefore opted to run both. Friday at 7am there will be the option of a coached CrossFit session or Open Gym. Then at 6.30pm there will a coached CrossFit session. Open gym will continue to run from 7am-1130am and 4pm-8pm.

5 – Moved Gymnastics Skills a little later. We had lots and lots of requests for the gymnastics skills session to be moved later to allow more of you to attend. We have pushed it back to 5.30pm so anticipate seeing it nice and busy this week!

6 – Added a Mobility session to the timetable. Sunday mornings at 11am you will be able to be coached through a mobility session focusing on improving your positions and movement as relevant to CrossFit. No burpees here!

7 – Ordered some more Kettlebells. Since everyone got a load stronger you all requested some more of the heavier kettlebells. They are on the way!

8 – Ordered some more resistance bands. Nothing to explain here. We ordered more resistance bands, simple.

9 – Started stocking products. No one likes waiting for their supplements or stash so we will now be holding stock of: Progenex Recovery, Blonyx HMB, GLC2000 and Saxon t-shirts. We will also be trialing selling a selection of paleo friendly snack bars.┬áIf there is anything you would like stocked, let us know!

All these changes have been made in response to the answers we received from the survey. We appreciate not everyone asked for everything but have gone with the majority and hope it will not negatively affect anyone. All of the above is being trialed for the next four weeks so please give us your feedback where appropriate.

We have always said that we genuinely run the box for the members so the more feedback you guys give us the better we can make the box for everyone! If you’ve not completed the survey yet its on the link below:

To everyone who has completed it so far, thank you!

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