Have you ever thought about giving the morning classes a go? 6am or 7am might seem like a ridiculous time to train and in some respects, I would agree with you. However, there is much to be said for getting your workout done in the morning:

Its over – you know that smug feeling you get when someone still has to do a task you have already completed. Imagine that task was your workout. No more sitting at work creating excuses to miss the gym today, you’ve already been!

Increased productivity – nothing gets you firing on all cylinders like some early morning exercise. The increased activity for both your body and brain will keep you alert and focused throughout the day, much better than a billion cups of coffee and sugary treats.

Improved mood – you might not be a morning person but getting up and getting after it with a likeminded bunch of people is guaranteed to leave a lasting smile on your face.

Free up your evening – ever missed a meal out, a family social or woe is me that episode of Master Chef to go the gym? Or most likely vice versa? I guarantee you won’t miss anything training at 6am.

Its interruption free – there are lots of things that can come up to interrupt an evening training session. Work, partners, kids and cars can all need your attention in the evening and all can be last minute. There are very few things that can come up at 6am to interrupt your workout.

Now the obvious barrier to all this is – who the fuck wants to get up that early. My answer: someone who wants all of the above, someone who wants to be productive and in a good mood all day to then have their evenings free to do whatever they want. (It’s easy to argue that you won’t get enough sleep. It’s even easier to go to bed earlier.)

So, try it. Get booked in for a 6am and see how you feel. If you hate it at least you’ll have the evening free to go to bed early.