Only 1 more day until the weekend!!! Fri-YAY tomorrow fuckers!!! Two whole days to relax, unwind, socialise, chill out, have a few drinks and eat whatever you want (last weekend I literally ate 3 tubs of Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream, it was epic!).

It’s pretty common for people to live for the weekend. To eat well in the week and train hard so they can relax and indulge over their Saturday and Sunday. If your good during the week what harm can a couple of days really do?

The answer is a lot. This year there are 52 Saturdays and 53 Sundays. That’s 105 days where living hard at the weekend will severely dampen your health and fitness goals. Out of 365 days 105 is quite a chunk, roughly 28%, or nearly a third. That’s a lot of time spent eating and drinking what we want and maybe neglecting our training.

This isn’t necessarily a huge deal, unless you want to see results or have goals that will be dramatically effected by doing it. Going for beers after work Friday, dinner out Saturday, getting together for a huge roast with some wine and a traditional desert on Sunday and then expecting to feel and perform at your best on Monday doesn’t compute – the scales won’t like you either (not that we recommend giving a fuck what the scale says).

Now we don’t expect you all to stay on the straight and narrow all weekend – we’re realistic. I fully intend to enjoy my ice cream and drink some rum. I just acknowledge that I can’t get upset if I fall short of my goals or don’t like the way my body feels during the week.

So, remember the weekends matter. They count towards your goals, your progress and your achievements. They impact your training and they set you up (or they don’t) for the week.