The idea athlete isn’t what you think. It’s not a fire breathing, top tier, fuck me they’re going to the Games, pure physical talent individual who makes the ideal athlete. In fact, when considering what makes an ideal athlete, from a coaching perspective, I don’t really take into account their physical abilities or their sporting prowess.

I look at their commitment and their consistency. Are they there for themselves, because they prioritize their health and well-being. Do they turn up in the warm, in the cold, in the wet and in the wind? Do they understand that fitness isn’t a quick process and commit to being on the journey for the long haul?

I look at their coachability. Do they turn up ready to learn and eager to absorb every ounce of information out of every class they attend. Do they treat each class as an opportunity to learn and take a beginner’s attitude to everything? Do they listen, act on and embrace everything the coaches say?

I look at them as part of our community. Are they supportive, fun and friendly. Do they understand that nobodies’ workout is more important that anyone else’s and that sometimes somethings are more important than the top score? Do they engage with the community and get the most out of the true beauty of a CrossFit box, the people in them? Do they smile a lot?

As you’ll see there is no mention of weight lifted, skills mastered or depth of experience in our qualities of any ideal athlete. Ideal athletes can have different goals, different skill sets and different backgrounds. So, as long as the above is true, they are ideal. Luckily Saxon CrossFit is full of people just like this, people who work hard and are nice to each other. If only every area of our life was so simple.