As humans we are always searching for a way to makes things easier, to make things happen faster and to get more out of life without putting more into it. However, we tend to over complicate things in our search for an efficient, and for lack of a better term, easier life.

We are always looking for the next workout, the next go-to celebrity diet, the next lifestyle hack to give us the body we want, the energy we lack or the time we desire. (I would bet that most people spend more time googling how to achieve these things than actually doing anything to achieve them.)

Our tip – take the simple route.

Want to be fitter? Going to the gym more is a likely easy fix for the majority of the population. Want to be stronger? Don’t look for a fancy lifting cycle from an Olympian, just add weight progressively and consistently hit compound lifts.

Want to improve your diet? Cut out sugar, buy local and eat fresh. Counting your macros is great but nowhere near as easy as adopting simple practices.

Want more energy? Go to bed earlier. Watching the start of a film at 10pm isn’t going to increase your quality of life. Getting to bed before 11pm each evening will. Have trouble getting to sleep? Don’t drink 8 cups of coffee a day including one immediately before bed – say it doesn’t affect you all you want – it does!

Too often in life we ignore the simple answers to some common problems. So eat your greens, give 110%, take each day as it comes and when you think someone has said something cliché – listen up, they may have just given you an awesome piece of advice.