The Ice Cream Cup





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We are very excited to announce the initial details of our first in-house competition of 2016, The Ice Cream Cup!

The Ice Cream Cup will be a same sex pairs competition held on Saturday 19th March 2016 at Saxon CrossFit.

It will feature two different levels of competition: RX and Scaled.

The RX division will involve slightly heavier loads and more complex barbell and gymnastics movements.

The Scaled division will involve slightly lighter loads and no complex barbell or gymnastics movements.

By offering both an RX and Scaled division we are hoping to make the day both accessible and challenging to all our members.

Both divisions will be divided into male and females.

All pairs will complete 3 workouts on the day with the top ranking pairs going on to complete a final workout. As the name suggests ice cream will feature on the day, particularly in the final.

We will be releasing the workouts over the weeks leading up to the competition but will not reveal the final until the day.

There is a whiteboard at the box with a section designated for members to pair up and submit their Team names.

We are in the process of organising some form of social event after the competition. We have had lots of suggestions from trampolining, paintball, bowling, food and drinks or a combination of. Once we decide what were doing we will let everyone know.

As always we are running this for you, the members. If you have any ideas, thoughts, opinions or interests regarding the competition or social event please let us know! We love hearing your guys ideas!


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