Member of the Month: Pam

Our February Member of the Month is: Pam Ross




We are pleased to announce Pam Ross as our February Member of the Month! 

Pam is pretty cool. Not many mum’s of two know what a clean and jerk is, throw barbells and chalk around or know their 500m split on a rowing machine. Pam does all of this and more. After joining Saxon CrossFit last July Pam has turned up and worked hard 5 times a week, every week! Olympic lifting, squats, rowing, gymnastics? Whatever we program Pam will turn up and give it everything and smile whilst doing it. Hard work and effort obviously run’s in the family as Pam regularly attends her sessions alongside her daughter and teenage son who are both as brilliant as their mum! She engages with and is loved and respected by every member of the box and even gets in on the banter with Coach Tim. The coaches have loved seeing her progress and push herself out of her comfort zone to achieve some pretty amazing things and they can’t wait to see how much further she can go in 2016. 

We spoke to Pam to find out how she came to find Saxon CrossFit and what she wants to achieve from it:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?

Quite simply Eden (daughter). I’d happily gone my whole life not having a clue about Clean and Jerks, Snatches, Wall Balls or Thrusters. Then Eden talked about nothing else and my inquisitiveness got the better of me and I’ve not looked back!


What do you think is your biggest achievement since you’ve started at Saxon CrossFit?

Biggest achievement? Through Saxon’s inventive and constantly challenging workouts it’s got to be that I’m fitter, faster (actually still working on that one!) leaner and stronger than when I started.


What is your favourite/least favourite movement?

Can’t beat a kettle bell swing for my favourite movement but add in a cheeky row and, well, now we’re talking! 

There’s a few words that can make a grown woman cry.  “Okay guys, get yourself a wall ball and run to the postbox”.


What do you like most about Saxon CrossFit?

I like everything about Saxon CrossFit.  The stand out for me though is the motivation and encouragement I receive from absolutely everyone there.  Young or old (me!) boys or girls, The support really is outstanding.


What are your short/long term training goals?

I’d like to improve my cardio fitness and be more consistent with my scores.


Tell us something about yourself that the other members do not know?

I cry like a baby at any movies where an animal dies!  Actually, even if they don’t die (Bear and Hare John Lewis advert) I still cry!


What would you say to someone thinking of starting at Saxon CrossFit?

I’d say just do it!  Commit time and effort and you’ll achieve more than you think you can.

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