Member of the Year: Jordan Burrell

Saxon CrossFit Member of the Year:

jordan member of the year 

Every month we name one of our athletes as Member of the Month. The coaches select an individual each month who we feel has worked particularly hard, gone the extra mile or achieved something great. We select the individual based on their commitment to training, their community spirit, athletic achievement or for just generally being a great asset to the box!

Last weekend it was our pleasure to announce our first Member of the Year! In order to make sure we selected the right person for the role we asked our membership to vote for the person they felt best represented us a community, the person who had improved the most, who demonstrated the best work ethic and who had a fantastic attitude to their training.

Receiving over 60% of the votes it was our great pleasure to name Jordan Burrell as our first Member of the Year! Below is a copy of the speech Head Coach Tim gave before announcing Jordan as our Member of the Year.

“As all the quotes on his votes make clear, our member of the year is pretty awesome. They received over 60% of the total votes cast for member of the year and when me and (coach) Jess were trying to guess who would win we both named this person.

The reasons they have won are many and varied:

They work hard, all the time. No matter the workout, the movement, the size of the class, they always give there all.

They come regularly. Everyone knows them because they come all the time. 5 days a week, rain or shine, warm or cold they turn up and work.

They’ve got better. A lot better. They were not the fittest of people when they first started coming here. But now they stand amongst our fittest members. Having trebled there back squat, mastered kipping and strict pull ups, conquered box jumps. PB’d pretty much every movement in every rep scheme known to man they are literally 10 x fitter than they were! This is truly inspirational!

However, the main reason they have been voted member of the year is their attitude to training and life in general. I have never seen them unhappy or angry. They walk in with a smile, say hello to EVERYONE, and then get to work. They encourage others, motivate them with their own story and some well-placed words. They are never satisfied with their own improvements no matter how large they are and they constantly striving to be better and to make those around them better. All in they embody everything we hoped to achieve with Saxon CrossFit: making people’s lives better!

I don’t think anyone here will be surprised when I say our member of the year is, the truly inspirational, Jordan Burrell!

The coaches love him, the members love him, he works hard, is funny as fuck and he’s got better at everything. Enough said!”

The coaching team cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award and clearly the members agree. We are very lucky to have people like Jordan involved with our box and we can’t wait to see what he’ll achieve in 2016!!

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