Member of the month: Sammie

Our March Member of the Month is: Sammie


Last year our members voted Jordan Burrell our member of the year. This month it gives us great pleasure in announcing Jordan’s wife, Sammie, as our Member of the Month!

Sammie has impressed our coaching team over the last month with her consistent attendance, awesome work ethic and the fact she has finally admitted she loves CrossFit! After joining us, somewhat reluctantly, last year Sammie has gone from strength to strength and is constantly featured on our PB board having nearly tripled her squat, deadlift and clean from when she joined.  A real team player Sammie has also immersed herself in the community that makes up Saxon CrossFit; coming to spectate at competitions, attending our socials and competing in our in-house competitions! Eager to improve, competitive and hilarious, Sammie is truly one of our favourite Saxons!

We spoke to Sammie to find out how she came to find Saxon CrossFit and what she wants to achieve from it:


What brought you to Saxon CrossFit?

I had stopped making progress at the gym and had resorted to PT sessions which were helping but expensive. A few friends and my husband were into CrossFit but I didn’t think it was my thing; it looked way too hardcore for me and I wasn’t a fan of classes, they leave you  too exposed for my liking!

My husband started taking me to competitions and I got to know some of the awesome members at Saxon. The final competition I watched before joining was Tribal Clash. I was completely in awe of what the Saxon team achieved and it inspired me to give it a go.


What do you think is your biggest achievement since you’ve started at Saxon CrossFit?

Being asked to be member of the month is huge. Everyone at the box is amazing and works so hard. I guess taking part in my first competition was a pretty big deal for me and lifting my own body weight was amazing too. Sometimes I don’t come last which is nice. I’m also not terrified of everything like I was, except box jumps- they still scare me!

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference though. I sleep better, my posture has improved, I have more energy, and I’m fitter, stronger and more toned. My body can do things I never thought possible, I have more determination than I realised and am mentally stronger. My confidence has improved massively and I don’t need to ask for help to lift and move things anymore.

I have also met some incredible people and have made some really good friends. Life is generally better for being part of Saxon.


What is your favourite/least favourite movement?

I love deadlifts and gymnastics, especially handstand skills. Burpees and updowns upset me because I bruise my knees! I also worry about back squats, I know at some point I’m going to end up on my bum feeling sorry for myself!


What do you like most about Saxon CrossFit?

Everything. The challenge, the sense of achievement, the people, the banter and the community spirit. The coaching team are unbelievable. The level of encouragement they give, their attention to detail and the community they have built is beyond words.

My absolute favourite thing is seeing others achieve a PB or master a skill or movement.


What are your short/long term training goals?

Within my first year I would like to be able to do a free standing headstand and handstand, a strict pull up, to deadlift 100kg, to back squat my own body weight, to clean 50kg and to strict press 30kg. I don’t want much do I!!!!


Tell us something about yourself that the other members do not know?

I regularly have full blown conversations with my pet piggies and I’m a qualified archery instructor.

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