Ice Cream Cup: The Day

All The Details Dudes:

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Just 19 days remain until our first in-house competition of 2016 kicks off. Below is everything you will need to know, hopefully:


WOD 1 will begin at 0930 hours.

We will move onto WOD 2 for  1015 hours.

WOD 3 will begin at 1100 hours with WOD 4 following at midday.

We will then cut to 5 male and 5 female teams before The Final WOD kicks off at 1230.

The box will be open from 8am (there will be a coached class at 8am and then open gym until 0915am) for people to warm up, mobilise and exchanged trash talk.

The box will be open for coffees, cakes, ice cream and what-nots after the comp has finished.

We will then break, shower, put on our glad rags and meet up in the fine city of Norwich for food, drinks and banter in the evening.



As always Tim’s parents have offered to provide teas, coffee’s, hot chocolates and other beverages but please feel free to bring whatever you fancy. Any offers of home baked cakes for afterwards will be appreciated and no doubt a couple of beers wont be shunned!



Family and friends are always welcome to come and see what all the fuss is about. We do have lots of team competing so spectator space will be tight but who cares. Tell them to wrap up warm as the box is not well known for its warmth!

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