Member Of The Month: June 2015

Junes Member of the Month is: James Howes

james howes

James joined Saxon CrossFit 4 months ago and immediately impressed the coaches with his work ethic and dedication to training. Already very strong  James quickly established himself as a powerhouse in the box, frequently hitting the top numbers on most lifts. However James soon identified his engine was letting him down and he has dedicated the last two months to improving this with great success.

Despite his relatively short time involved with CrossFit James has already entered two different competition qualifiers and scored highest in the box on two different qualifying workouts. He competed in Saxon CrossFits local ‘Guys vs Girls’ competition, smashing the sled drag almost single handed!!

James is an absolute pleasure to coach and is eager to improve every aspect of his game. A fantastic asset to the box he gives everything in every workout and never stops smiling!

We asked James the usual questions:

What brought you to Saxon CrossFit? 

I joined Saxon recently as I was bored with regular gym training, wanted a new challenge in my life and to become a fitter person all round.

What do you think is your biggest achievement since you’ve started at Saxon CrossFit? 

My biggest achievement has been building a bigger gas tank for my CrossFit workouts and entering a few comps. Even though I haven’t scored well this is huge for me on a personal level as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

What is your favourite/least favourite movement? 

My favourite movement has to be lifting anything heavy and my least favourite  is most definitely burpee’s. Weirdly I am slowly beginning to like them.

What do you like most about Saxon CrossFit? 

I like the whole environment from the workouts, the people and the coaches, who put so much in to allow me to train and push myself to my limits.

What are your short/long term training goals? 

I recently learnt to have a long term goal: to become more competitive and catch up with those I train with. To be better/stronger at crossfit and give them more of a run for their money as I respect the level these guys are on 🙂

Tell us something about yourself that the other members do not know? 

I am a huge Motorsport enthusiast and spend a lot of my time watching F1 and have been to many European races.

If I’m not doing this I can be found scuba diving in this country or abroad .

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