Member of the Month: May 2015

Mays Member of the Month is: Sheila Herbert



Sheila joined Saxon CrossFit last summer and has impressed the coaches ever since with her work ethic, determination and consistency. Sheila regularly attends both classes and open gym sessions and gives her all every time. With her positive attitude, great sense of humor and love of pink, she is very popular within the Saxon community.

Here Sheila tells us a little more about herself.

What brought you to Saxon CrossFit?

I have always busied myself with sports and fitness and Andy and I have been looking for something for a little while, we took a year off training (other than Martial Arts) as we were organising our wedding and I injured my knee last March but after a wonderful honeymoon of eating everything that didn’t move we decided to get back to some serious training and luckily for us Saxon is what we found. I will have to give credit to Andy for doing the research and coming up trumps.

What do you think is your biggest achievement since you’ve started at Saxon CrossFit?

 Mmmmm, probably taking part in the first competition- that may not seem a great achievement to some but actually I’m really self deprecating (as Jess has discovered!) and it was a big deal for me to step up and perform in front of people.

What is your favourite/least favourite movement?

Fav..kettle bell work-swings

Least fav… Haha got to be those box jumps, fortunately I’m not squeamish or scared of my own blood.

What do you like most about Saxon CrossFit?

The genuine community spirit, even when you are competing against someone they still cheer you on, everyone wants everyone to succeed.

And obviously the coaches who have created all of this, and throughout my rehabilitation have designed custom made workouts for me to keep me training. Big Thanks

What are your short/long term training goals?

 Short term, to recover from surgery and get my fitness back

Long term, the elusive strict pull up (so close!)and to be comfortable upside down.

Tell us something about yourself that the other members do not know?

Aghhhhhh, self deprecating remember!

 You will never see my name on the PB or Goals board because of this.

 I am a black belt at Ishin Ryu Ju Jutsu – I am a martial arts instructor along side my “day job” and I’m the only female to ever achieve this rank in 25 years of the clubs excistance. To obtain this I had to grade over two days, run half a marathon and basically get a kicking for two days. I am not really worried about pain (I previously cut a plaster cast off my broken hand and today I took my own stitches out ) but I am a pussy cat at heart and I cry at sad films.

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