We are stoked to announce our June Member of the Month as Dave Allum.

Dave is consistent as fuck. Since he joined us over a year ago I don’t think he has missed a 9.45 class. They wouldn’t be the same without him. Always arriving 30 seconds before a class starts Dave never fails to jump straight into working hard.

Already a relatively fit guy when he joined Dave has made phenomenal progress in all aspects of his fitness adding big numbers to his strength movements and getting some serious speed into his conditioning. Few people work harder in the classes and it is showing. We tend to focus on peoples physical performance much more than their aesthetics but it cant be ignored that Dave is now jacked! Over the last 6 months Dave has put on some serious muscle but has still managed to maintain his size-able engine and running prowess! Solid work Dave!

Dave has stepped it up in the last few weeks – RXing more of the board, putting the numbers up on his weights and spending time working on his weaknesses. We have no doubt that Dave will be putting in some serious performances in the months ahead!

We asked Dave:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?
I have been using gyms for nearly 20 years now. I felt my training had plateaued and i was looking for a new challenge. I had seen saxon advertised on our noticeboard at work a few times and thought i would give it a try. I knew nothing about crossfit. I was hooked after my foundations beasting courtesy of tim.

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

I think i was in my comfort zone previously. I like being challenged and you are everytime you step into the box. I think because you have that 1 hour to train you work harder. Also whenever i go on holiday i now try and find a box to train in (at least once)

What’s your favourite thing about being a member at Saxon CrossFit?

Because the workouts are so varied you never get bored. The atmosphere is always really good. People are so friendly in the box. Normally when people go to the gym people don’t talk at all. I also like that there is a social side although due to my weird work hours i’ve not made it out often thus far.

In a workout you want to see…..?

I do enjoy a running wod (much to others dismay).

What movement do you shed a little tear at during a WOD?

Just one? Burpee pull ups and also any body weight gymnastic movement (pull ups, toes 2 bar, box jumps) as i am pretty slow and terrible at them.

How would you describe Saxon CrossFit in 3 words?

Friendly Varied Motovational

Tell us one thing about yourself the other members wont know?

I have a really big family in modern terms. 4 brothers and 2 sisters. On my first day at university (many years ago) the lecturer was making the point that we all come from smaller families today and was getting people to stand up based on how many siblings they had. When it got to 4 just a few people stood up, no one at 5. Then he called ‘6’ as an aside, i had to stand up in a lecture theatre of several hundred people. Very embarassing, i got a few strange looks that day.