This is the last of our three post series on holiday fitness. We’ve looked at why maybe you should just relax on holiday and give exercising a skip whilst you’re away. We’ve discussed how you can minimise the effects a holiday will have on your fitness and how you can incorporate training into your schedule. Today it’s all about working out on holiday – the what’s, the how’s and the probably shouldn’t bother.

So how should we train on holiday? Obviously when at home you go to a box and hit the whiteboard WOD with your class mates. It would make sense then to drop in to a box when away. (This is a great idea as long as the box is close by. You are on holiday, do not drive 40 minutes to the nearest box every day.) Make sure you contact the box you intend to visit before you turn up. Drop them an email, give them a brief history of your training experience and ask them if they do drops in. If they’re on board, enjoy.

But what if there isn’t a box nearby? Try the hotel gym? Although most hotel gyms are pretty shite some do have awesome facilities and they may even have some functional kit for you to play around with. Be prepared though that it may be just a treadmill and a lone dumbbell in a broom cupboard at the end of the hall. The key is to be resourceful. Find out what kit you’ve got and then create some fast, no thrill WODs to hit.

If there’s no gym near you at all or the effort of finding one is just not in your holiday plans then don’t worry – the best form of holiday fitness is holiday WODs!

As we’ve mentioned before your holiday is the time to relax, enjoy being with your family or friends and to get away from pretty much everything else at home. This means you want to keep your workouts short and intense and easy to access. Below are five of our favourite Go-to holiday workouts. They require no kit, minimal space and minimal time. We’re yet to find a holiday we couldn’t do them on and they’ve kept our fitness ticking over no problem.

Give them a go, let us know what you think and tell us if you make up your own holiday WODs!

WOD 1: An alternating EMOM (each minute on the minute) of:

1 – 20 Push Ups

2 – 40 air squats

In the first minute, complete 20 push ups or whichever scaled variant you might normally use. Then rest for the remainder of the minute. In the second minute, complete 40 air squats then rest for the remainder of the minute. Repeat 10 times.

WOD 2: 7 minutes of burpees. It sucked during the open, its sucked every time we’ve done it since. It’s fast, its effective and you can literally do it anywhere. Set a clock and do as many burpees as you can in seven minutes. 100 is a nice goal, over 120 if you’re feeling super fit.

WOD 3: AMRAP 20:

Run 200m

12 burpees

24 lunges

Find a beach, a lawn or a driveway and work out roughly 200m (do multiple lengths if you need to). Set a clock then get to work. Get a couple of towels down if burpees on concrete aren’t your jam.

WOD 4: Hotel ‘Cindy’. AMRAP 20:

10 Sit Ups

10 Push Ups

15 air squats

‘Cindy’ would normally have pull ups but a sturdy pull up bar isn’t always available on holiday. If you need too sub in 10 sit ups and get after it – its guaranteed sweat fest!

WOD 5: ‘Fight Gone on Holiday’

Our twist on the infamous ‘Fight Gone Bad’ WOD – complete 1 minute max reps at each station for a total of 3 rounds:

1 – burpees

2 – jumping lunges

3 – push ups

4 – V-ups

5 – air squats

6 – rest

This one is best done head to head with a holiday buddy for a nice little bit of competition.