What makes Saxon CrossFit so different, so effective and so popular?


It all comes down to 4 major components that we prioritize over everything else:


When you step into Saxon CrossFit you don’t have to think about your workout. Our coaching team spend a lot of time and energy creating, planning and testing all our workouts so when you train you can focus on having fun and getting results.


Our classes are limited to 12 people with two coaches. From warm up to workout the coaches go through each and every movement with each and every member to ensure good mechanics are maintained and everyone moves safely.


This is the best part of Saxon CrossFit. Our community is made up of some of the best people we have ever met and as group it has no equal. Caring, supportive, motivational and hilarious our community will make you a better person in every way imaginable.


At Saxon CrossFit we care if you turn up and we care if you get results.

We know all our members by name, what they can squat and how fast they can run. We know when to push them and when to leave them to it. They know if they don’t show up they’ll get a text checking their ok