Member of the Month: Matt


Our September Member of the Month is; Matt Bevan

Matt has only been with us at Saxon CrossFit for a few months but has already established himself as a great athlete and member of the community. Incredibly keen, hard working and determined Matt has made amazing progress in all areas of his fitness. Through regular attendance to the classes and following extra sessions programmed by the coaching team he has hit his previous 1 rep max squat for repeated sets of 3, nailed consecutive sets of ring muscle ups and joined Coach Tim on his 28,000m Birthday row.

Keen to enter the competitive side of CrossFit Matt has his eyes sets on some competitions over the winter and will no doubt be making a splash on the competitive scene next year.

We asked Matt:

What brought you to Saxon CrossFit?
Saxon was recommended for its awesome community and coaching.

What do you think is your biggest achievement since you’ve started at Saxon CrossFit?
Achieving my first muscle up on the rings.

What is your favourite/least favourite movement?
Favourite: Back squat
Least favourite: Ski Erg!

What do you like most about Saxon CrossFit?
The awesome community, everyone is welcoming and passionate about CrossFit.

What are your short/long term training goals?
Short term goal: 150Kg Back Squat
Long: To increase my overall fitness and compete in some competitions.

Tell us something about yourself that the other members do not know?
I am a big Rugby Union fan who supports Northampton Saints.