Good Movement Is More Impressive.

Don’t be impressed by speed. Be impressed by movement: Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity.


move well


Every time our members start a session we go through a very similar process.

We  verbally explain the workout they are about to do and ensure each and everyone of them understands what they have to do.

We demonstrate each and every movement. It doesn’t matter how simple or common the movement may be, we will always demonstrate it.

We then complete a relevant warm up and then break down the movements with the members. We go through progressions, scaling and loading and ensure everyone can complete the movements safely, with solid range of motion and good mechanics.

Once they have demonstrated all this we will ask them to complete several repetitions in their own time without our direct guidance. If they maintain the good mechanics, consistently, then we look to add intensity.

After 3, 2, 1 Go! Its very easy to become focused on posting the fastest time or heaviest load possible on the whiteboard. Nothing says ‘Hero’ like completing X amount of work in X amount time or lifting X amount of weight.

Or does it.

As a community we should be focused on and impressed by the athlete displaying consistently good movement even under intensity. The athlete scaling back the weight to nail the technique on their power cleans. The athlete going a little slower to maintain the hollow body position on their pull ups. The athlete pausing on the top of the box to make sure they lock out their hips. By doing all of this this athlete will eventually be able to move faster, lift more and have a higher power output.

By drilling sound movement we will not only ingrain good movement patterns we will also minimise the risk of injury, improve technical ability and maximise the strength and conditioning benefits of a given workout.

You only have one body. Move it like you care about it.

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