Real Fitness Hurts.

Everything In Life Worth Having Requires A Degree Of Hard Work:


our fitness hurts


Relationships, careers, houses and gardens, businesses and even parties require you to put a considerable amount of work into them before you get to enjoy their benefits. Your fitness, health and well being is no different. If you want to enjoy the bonuses of elite level fitness – whether its sporting prowess, aesthetic appeal or quality of life – you must first pay your dues.

Gyms, health clubs, parks and boxes are full of people trying to pay their dues and earn their fitness. The problem is not everyone is willing to pay enough. After all – real fitness hurts.

The fitness industry is full of slogans, mantras and quotes all confirming that you have to endure some degree of pain to make any degree of physical gain. Now before anyone thinks it we are in no way saying you should train through injury, train until your injured, train in a manner that is going to cause injury or even push yourself so hard that you risk your health. This would be massively counter-productive considering most of us train to improve our quality of life!

What we are saying is you need to be prepared to be uncomfortable. You need to be willing to leave your comfort zone and push your boundaries. Give your body a reason to want to adapt, to want to be stronger and to want to be fitter. If you leave every workout without having experienced any discomfort then I can’t imagine you are particularly happy with the results you are getting from your training. If you find something easy – do it a little bit faster or a little bit heavier until its not so easy. This is where real fitness is developed.



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