We all know that fitness is a luxury when it comes to prioritising our day. We might absolutely love training and try to make it as much a part of our day as possible but our two other main priorities, family and work, will often change your plans last minute and push your fitness to the back of the line.

There are a few things you can do to ensure your fitness isn’t always forgotten and make some space for it in your busy schedule:

Get it done early – few people are busy at 6am or 7am. You might not want to get up that early but if you really want to train and work and the kids are likely to dominate your evening this is your best bet.

Book In – booking into your classes in advance makes it a part of your day. Waiting to see if you are free on the day means you haven’t and wont prioritise getting to the class. Booking in the week in advance and synching it to your calendar means you won’t double book yourself.

Carry your kit – ever had a meeting cancelled, finished work early or had mates drop out of your evening plans? This is life giving you back some time at short notice – if you always make sure you have your kit in the car you can get in that workout you missed yesterday when your meeting overran!

Set a goal – giving yourself something to work towards will make sure you try your hardest to fit the box into your week. Book a fun run or Tough Mudder, enter some qualifiers or put a timeline on a PB you want to achieve. With the added pressure of a deadline you will find those extra few hours to train.

Most importantly think about your long-term goal. Family and work will often have to take the front seat but watching the latest Game of Thrones or hitting the pub with the guys will only push fitness to the back in you let it. When temptation to bin off training appears think of what you want in the long run rather than you want right there and then. Chances are the gym will win and you will thank yourself in 12 month’s time.