Burpees? We love them!

Is there anything better than a burpee? Sure. In fact, there are lots of things better than burpees, like getting punched in the throat or drinking gone off milk. But there are few things simpler, more effective and more accessible in the world of fitness.

At Saxon CrossFit we love burpees for 3 main reasons:

1 – Pretty much everyone can do them. There are very few people in the world who can’t or don’t need to be able to get down and then back up from the floor. With suitable scaling, we can get most people to complete some form of burpee.

2 – They can be done anywhere. No kit, limited space, not in the right clothing? You can probably still burpee. Few exercises require less space, less kit and are so minimally affected by your current attire. Obviously certain clothing and footwear is out but were pretty sure most outfits would allow you to complete some form of burpee.

3 – You can’t fail them. We have completed and coached literally hundreds of thousands of burpees and we have never seen someone fail one. We’ve seen people miss a snatch, be unable to pull their chin over a bar and be pinned by a barbell. But we have never seen anyone get down for a burpee and not get back up. You can be exhausted, you can be close to your limit but you can still always get down and get back up.

And that’s it. What’s not to love? Sure, they are hard. Sure, they don’t really get any easier and sure they might make you cry a little inside but you can’t argue with the above. Burpees are awesome and you need to embrace them!