About 2 years ago? Not the answer most people want to hear we know but it’s true.  Thanks to magazines and social media people walk into the box in July to get cover model ready for August and that big holiday they booked last October. ‘Beach ready in 21 days’, ‘4 Weeks to your best summer body’ and my personal favourite ’18 days to a celebrity summer body’ articles all promote three stupid ideas:

1 – fitness is about looking good in less clothing.

2 – fitness is only for the summer.

3 – it can all be achieved in less than a month.

Fitness isn’t just about looking good naked. I say ‘just’ because there is value in feeling confident and proud in your own skin. Looking good will ultimately make you feel good which will have immeasurable benefits to your life!

Fitness is and should be a life long journey. Getting ‘fit’ for a couple of months over the summer and then falling off over the other 300 days a year isn’t healthy, sustainable or worthwhile.

And for the timings? It’s a lifelong process. Don’t get dismayed, within a couple of weeks of starting a fitness regime you will see some changes. You might lose some weight, your clothes might start to fit a little better and you might find your sleeping patterns improve. But going from beach ball to beach babe / stud isn’t going to happen in 21 days.

The point of this post? Start now. We’re about to enter April and there is 4 months until the British weather will permit you to wear anything summery. Now is the time to find a coach who can give you realistic goals, guide you on your nutrition and training and help you make fitness a part of your life. Make fitness a habit now and enjoy it through spring, summer, autumn and winter!