Apparently not everyone loves burpees. Our post last week declaring our love for the burpee was met with multiple calls for a counter article – Why we hate burpees! Well here it is, our top reasons as to why people don’t like burpees!

They are hard – let’s face it, this is the main reason most people don’t like doing burpees. Getting up and down over and over again is pretty shitty and makes your lungs and muscles burn like nothing else.

We do them a lot – warm up with burpees, turn up late – do burpees, in a wod – do burpees, tomorrow’s class – probably some burpees. Maybe absence would make the heart grow fonder?

They never get any easier – remember when you joined and we said burpees would get easier? We lied. The fitter you become the faster you can do them and the more they actually suck. It’s a vicious circle, we know.

No one looks attractive doing burpees – remember the time you saw someone looking awesome doing burpees? Us neither. Remember when you saw that person with a distorted grimace on their face throwing themselves ‘gracefully’ at the floor to immediately drag themselves back up in a pool of sweat? Yeah that’s the norm.

They mess with your leggings – ever tried to do burpees in leggings not up to purpose? It’s a horrific experience that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies!

Tim smiles when he makes us do them – he does, but he’s just a happy guy who loves his job. He’s get zero joy from watching you all do burpees, regardless of how much you hate them.

So apparently, there are quite a few reasons to hate burpees. Good job we’ve got lots of them planned for you next week! Burpees rule!