CrossFit Open 2022

The Crossfit Open 2022 is nearly upon us and some of you may be starting to get nervous and worry about stuff that you wouldn’t normally consider, one of things could be what and when to eat, eeeekkkk, open Google and have a complete meltdown moment.

Errrr Taps…..where’s my scooby snacks?

Meltdown no more, here are a few very simple steps to follow over the next few weeks to fuel and smash those Open workouts.Look ahead, when are you booked in to do the Open this week and work backwards. If you are completing the workout on Friday it would be a great idea to start to think about what you are eating this week 2-3 days before. W

No massive changes, start getting hydrated and get in 2litres- 2.5 litres of water every day. Next up, try and eat processed food as minimally as you can, step away from the huge 🍕 and add in some lean chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, beans and lentils and have them with half a plate of veg and quarter plate of carbs, wholegrain versions are great, but if you only eat the white stuff DO NOT CHANGE NOW, you might get a dicky tummy and that would be horrendous during a workout.🍌

Stay hydrated

Food timing, this is the big freakout moment, DO NOT freakout, most Open workouts will not be longer than around 20 minutes so you will not need a load of extra calories if you eat consistently and go for 3 meals a day. Timing……… again work backwards. It takes 30 minutes for hydration to be ready to use, so make sure you hydrate well during the day, and if you are doing the Open early morning, make water your first priority when you get up. Energy……. Our bodies can store the equivalent of 2 hours worth of carbs (main energy source) but it depletes during the day, so keep topped up. Early morning workout? Top up those carbs the best way you can and the best way you digest, banana, protein shake, yoghurt and fruit or porridge will do the trick.

Is that a banana in your pocket Alex?

Eat a main meal 3 hours before and if you are active or the window before the Open workout is more than 3 hours add in a snack around 1-1.5 hours before, something that is easy to digest and will top up those carbs. Banana, a few nuts (for a little fat and protein) a shake, granola bar, yoghurt and fruit. 🍌🍇

🥗Eating after the workout, please do not stress over this one either, there is no need to guzzle a protein shake etc, unless you are going off to exercise again within an hour or so. As long as you eat again and ideally a main meal within 1-2 hours after your Open Workout, this will be enough. Again, no need to battle down 2 pizzas 🍕🍕either, unless you want too! A balanced meal would look like this; 1 – 4 palms of lean protein 🍗2-4 big fists of veggies 🥗2-4 cupped palms of carbohydrates, potatoes (any type if they are not fried (Lol)) rice, pasta, wholegrain bread, fruit. 🥯1-3 thumbs sized amount of healthy fats 🥑

Eat for your size and energy expenditure, I can advise with this if you need some guidance, but a general rule is if you are a small lady aim for the lower portion sizes and if you are very very active and a larger guy/ gal aim for the higher portion sizes. Eat at every meal like this.

Stronger together Saxons!

Most importantly, enjoy yourself over the coming weeks the coaches and your fellow Saxons are there to support and guide you through the workouts and any concerns you have. Let’s go smash this Saxons.

Sam Parker Nourish Nutrition
Nutrition and wellness coach and student, foodie,and life cheerleader