To compete or not compete, that is the question

To compete or not to compete – that is the question

Competing tests your training and tests you.

It is stressful, it is hard and it is challenging. That’s why we should compete.

Over the last 3 weeks many of our members have been competing in the CrossFit Open 2022, all were apprehensive, some needed extra encouraging to start, all put everything they could into each workout. Overcoming the anxiety and just doing it, saw them push that bit harder, dig deeper and find out what they were capable of. 

They attempted and succeeded at new movements, achieved PB after PB, they found out their strengths and their weaknesses, they inspired and motivated themselves and others.
You win every time you compete, getting the most out of yourself and the most out of your competitors. That’s why you should compete.

Competing makes an even stronger community.

The Saxon Team, are always humbled by the generosity, support and encouragement of our members. They create such an amazing and welcoming atmosphere to each and every training session, that you just can’t help but perform at your best. They raised the level again in supporting our members competing in the CrossFit Open 2022,, diving in to complete the workouts with them, taking on the responsibly of judging and videoing workouts and, of course, being there encouraging and rooting for their fellow member to get that one more rep!

Saxon’s strong community inspires and motivates us to turn up at the gym and in turn get the most out of our training. Competing adds another level of strength within our community, bringing another level of inspiration and motivation. That’s why you should compete.

The more you compete…

This Saturday 19 March is our first in-house competition of 2022. Let’s continue competing and testing our capabilities, challenge our mindset and see where we stack up against our peers. There is however one thing above all this that we aim for with our in-house Competitions and that’s fun! That’s why we should compete.