CrossFit is basically a cult right?

We have our own language – AMRAP, EMOM, STOH.

We all wear similar clothing – nanos, rogue t-shirts / sports bras and brands most people havn’t heard of.

We gather round a board for an hour a day and follow other instructions.

We research, read about and watch videos of CrossFit an unhealthy amount.

Our ‘leader’ is a somewhat unhealthy looking white man from America.

Yeah, seems like a cult to me.

For all the reasons above CrossFit is often seen as a cult like phenomenon. A group of people who have all been suckered into believing the teachings of a group of fanatics from America. A group who don’t take criticism and who don’t appreciate the opinions of non-CrossFitters.

The truth is CrossFit is no different to any other organised group in the world.

Ever been around a group of people from the armed forces? I guarantee they could have an entire conversation and you wouldn’t understand a single word of it. Humans are masters of communication and efficient communication at that. We regularly adapt and abbreviate language to fit our needs and our ‘CrossFit language’ is no different. A couple of classes in and you’ll be all over the lingo!

Our clothing is fit for purpose. Why do runners all wear short shorts, vests and cushioned shoes? Because they are the best bits of kit for the job. CrossFit is no different. Nanos are built by CrossFitters for CrossFitters. Our shorts are designed to take the impact from barbells and allow the variance of gymnastics. Our clothing is designed for movement – simple. (Most people actually wear any old t-shirt to train in!)

Our white board? It’s not an altar and our box is no church. Humans just work better / harder in groups and when a single person is directing their efforts – history tells us this in numerous ways! We actively encourage our members to question our methods and thrive on their understanding of why we do what we do.

Do we get obsessed with it? Maybe, slightly, well yes but why wouldn’t you. It’s pretty great – its fun, its social, its different and your friends are probably doing it anyway so what else are you going to talk about? That new photocopier at work? The price of petrol? Corbyn or May?

So please don’t think your friends / family / partners have joined a cult when they say they’ve started CrossFit. They’ve actually taken a step towards becoming a fitter and healthier version of themselves by joining one of the friendliest, most welcoming communities around – maybe you should join them!