We are excited to announce our May Member of the Month as James Collins.

Blessed with many flattering nick names – ‘Tall James’, ‘Good looking James’ and ‘Tall good looking James who used to box’ – James has made a huge impression at Saxon CrossFit since joining over a year ago.

Consistent, hard working and an absolute pleasure to be around James has proven himself to be an incredibly fit and well rounded athlete. Always keen to learn and on a mission to push himself James has tried his hand at every class and done pretty darn well at all of them.

James demonstrated his athletic ability last month when he destroyed the Scale The Heights Street Warrior Qualifiers placing 21st over-all – a massive achievement for his first large scale competition. We can’t wait to watch James compete at the end of this month in the semi-finals where we are sure he will earn a spot to the grand finale!

After only a year of CrossFit James has improved no end and there seems to be no limit to his potential. We can only see big achievements from him in the future!

He also makes a very convincing lady with the right wig and attire!

We asked James:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?

I had stopped boxing competitively/training regularly and needed motivating. I knew some guys from Peterborough that owned a box and it sounded full on so I thought I’d give it a try.

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?
Definitely improved my time keeping 😂 I’ve also upped my strength and gymnastic ability.

What’s your favourite thing about being a member at Saxon CrossFit?

There’s always a competitive aspect which makes me train harder and try to lift more. Accompanied by knowledgeable coaches and sound gym mates – it’s a top training environment.

What movement do you shed a little tear at during a WOD?

Barbell thrusters. I perspire and get a tight collar as soon I catch a glimpse of the word on the board. They almost make me angry I hate them.

How would you describe Saxon CrossFit in three words?

Friendly, charged and captivating.

Tell us one thing one about yourself the other members won’t know?

As a teenager I fought for a world title in full-contact karate in America.