I spend a lot of time talking about effort. I write about it in lots of our posts. I speak about it to lots of our members. I talk about it during our coaches meetings. I even wrote a whole blog post about how impressive putting the effort in is.

It is arguably the single most important factor that is going to contribute to your fitness journey.

Effort is entirely under your control. No matter your mood, your circumstance, the time or type of day you can always show up and regardless of everything else in your world put in your best effort.

So remember every time you arrive you at the box you came with the intention of putting in the effort. No one comes to CrossFit to give a half arsed effort. No one shows up just to go through the motions or for the sake of being there. You’re all their with a goal, a goal that is going to require your effort.

Remember we don’t care how much you lift, how fast you can move or what skills you can master. All we care about is the amount of effort you put into smashing your goals.