Tribal Clash 2015: Saxon CrossFit

Tribal Clash 2015:

tribal team

This weekend 6 Saxon athletes and 11 Saxon spectators all made the journey to Blackpool Sands in Devon to Tribal Clash, the largest and arguably the best team fitness competition in Europe.

The Saxon Team, Charli Swann, Katie Swann, Sophie Fallon, Martin Fallon, Andy Herbert and Blair Campbell, were faced with a wide variety of physically and mentally demanding challenges. All six of them stepped up to the plate, gave their all and enjoyed every minute of it! The workouts included balance beams, tyre flips, log carries and squats, atlas stone lifts, open water swimming, long runs, short sprints, obstacle climbing and lots of lunges! All first time competitors the Saxon Team took everything in their stride, worked hard, moved fast and left everything on the floor. The coaching team could not of asked for a better selection of athletes to represent Saxon CrossFit and everything we try to do with the box.

Athlete highlights included:

Katie and Martin smashing a heavy tyre sprint for an 11th place finish.

Sophie destroying an unknown distance trail run for a 58th place finish.

Charli stepping up and taking on the dreaded open water swim for an 88th place finish.

Andy consistently nailing an 85kg Atlas Stone lift.

Blair taking the lead on every workout: commanding the pace, structure, strategy and morale throughout the entire competition.

Combined with consistently epic performances and banter throughout the weekend these highlights are shadowed by the awesome teamwork these six put on display!

They were not alone though:

One of the biggest elements of Saxon CrossFit is the community we have around the box. As well as the six competing athletes, 11 other members of our community made the long drive to Devon to watch and cheer on our Team.

Sheila, Gemma, Louise, Jordan, Sammie, Alex, Matt, Vicki, Kellie, Coach Jess and Coach Tim all made the trip and spent every minute cheering on our team and taking pictures! When competing, knowing you have a group of people meters away shouting their lungs out for you makes all the difference and this weekend would not of been the same without each and everyone of you!

A huge amount of gratitude must go to Sheila for looking after pretty much everyone and everything and providing a level of luxury camping most didn’t know existed. Coach Tim didn’t go without a creamy coffee all weekend and is eternally grateful for this!

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