Time. Change. Growth.

Wolverson Crossfit Interval Clock

“The indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur, through the present and into the future”

Since the Global Pandemic turned our world upside down and inside out we have been forced to adapt. Change is a funny old thing, some of us embrace it and desire the growth that comes alongside it – others may be resistant and fearful of change. Understandably, confidence levels have taken a hit as we all muddle through this constantly varying ‘new normal’ we try to establish. As ever though, we are stronger together. Just walking back into the box after Lockdown was a big deal for some of you, and it was great to see you look out for each other and do it together. That collective suffering unites. It is powerful.

Regardless of what camp you find yourself in (you may even straddle the two) as rational human beings we know that change is, on the whole, positive right? Something as simple as a new clock on the wall at the box is change too. It counts your workouts down, or up. It gives you something to work towards and you know that eventually the clock will stop. Those minutes where we bury ourselves in whatever is on the whiteboard are all ours. Ours to get lost in. Ours to feel mentally stronger. Ours to keep our hearts and minds healthy. Ours to distract from the everyday mundane and necessary. Ours to belong to a community where no one gets left behind.

You will have seen that we have invested in new kit (including a shiny new Nordic Ski-erg, new barbells and kettlebells) and we are reaching out to see what you guys need and want from your Saxon Community. You have all adapted so well to the essential changes that keep us safe during this challenging and let’s be honest, worrying time. So thank you. Thank you for engaging with us, ensuring that we do the best we can with what we have. We can achieve so much with not a lot, so just imagine where we can go with more. More members, more events, more kit and more Community spirit that makes that Saxon experience so unique.

Hang in there, times are changing and we will adapt and overcome whatever is thrown at us. We are resilient and capable of so much if we work together. Keep telling us what you need. There are better days coming, the team are planning some exciting events and the calendar will be bursting in no time at all. That’s the great thing about the low point, the only way is up. We are, after all, living through history. Just like the Saxons.

See you at the whiteboard!