Constantly Varied Programming

“I could never do Crossfit!”

Oh yes you can. Contray to popular belief we are not a cult. No one comes to Saxon and sinks, but plenty of you swim. There is no minimum level of fitness required and it is inclusive beyond belief. How often have you listened to someone talk about something they love? Next time just look at how much energy they give off as they talk as they define their subject. Our Grandparents could do Crossfit and here at Saxon they do, and they do it well.

We love a good adjective here at Saxon. What we love even more is the fact that no two days, or indeed classes are the same. You may be an old timer at the box, or you may be brand new – the people make the box, coaches and members alike. We don’t do mundane, predictable or routine.You’ll have heard the phrase ‘constantly varied’ and ‘high intensity’ no doubt, but what does that actually mean? What does it mean for you and how does this approach help you to reach those goals you set yourself? I’ve lost track of how many times I hear; “I just want to get one pull up” or “I wish I could climb up that rope”…so how, dear reader do we help you get there and more?

The Crossfit ethos is simple. Let’s look at the very definition of variable.

Variable (adjective) –

1. Not constant or having a fixed pattern; liable to change

2.Able to change or be adapted.

Variable (noun) –

an element, feature or factor that is liable to vary or change.

Our magic lies in movement, because our Coaches work hard to plan and deliver your classes with variety they are modified daily to help you guys and girls achieve your goals, no matter what they may be. The workouts are often adapted for people of any age and level of fitness, and also to work around and support any injuries or personal goals you may have. The mere fact that we encourage you to call out your progress is key to progression. Why? Because it keeps you accountable, not to us. Oh no, but to yourself. You come to the box for you. It is your time, and you are only competing against yourself. Technology has advanced at a rate of knots and now Boxmate also helps to keep you accountable too.

Crossfit has become so successful due to the sheer amount of effort that has gone into the formative years of its very being. The constant studying and debating about what fitness actually is, not to mention defining it has brought us the methodology and system in place that we now embrace at the box. Here at Saxon we do not expect our members to be athletes or compete at the highest level. We want your experience at the box to be individual to your needs, client centred learning, developing and growing as you go.

Endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility are achieved through training. Through this your coordination will improve, as will agility, balance and accuracy. I’m sure most of you will have concentrated on technique rather than weight at times, and that’s key too. With variety and persistence comes the power and the strength. Not to mention the rewards.

At Saxon our programming is constantly varied but it is far from random. The Coaches use different loads, timings and movements, shaking things up. You’ll encounter short and long workouts. Just look at the difference between ‘Cindy’ and ‘Fran’ as examples. Sometimes we look for strength and speed, and other times we focus on stamina and endurance. We keep it broad and include all areas of fitness. Letting variety be the bedrock of all we do makes you a better all rounder well placed to deal with whatever life throws at you. Ramp up the intensity and watch how much you can achieve. Oh hello there PB!