Saxon CrossFIt Clean Eating Challenge: The What and the Why

The Foundation of Fitness is Food:

Since the 1st February 2015 the members and coaches of Saxon CrossFit have been on a Clean Eating Challenge. Thirty days of adopting a healthier, cleaner and more basic diet. Here we look to explain what the challenge is all about and why we are doing it.



The above pyramid represents the hierarchy of your sports performance, if you take one of the lower tiers away the rest will inevitably fall. Nutrition is at the base of the pyramid and forms the foundation of your health, impacting everything you achieve. If your diet is at an optimal level you set a solid base to build upon from a molecular level. Modern grain and sugar based diets do not effectively support optimal physical performance due to their inflammatory and toxic nature.

Enter the ‘Clean Eating Challenge’.

The idea behind the clean eating challenge is to reset your body back to its natural state. Certain food groups such as sugar and grains can cause an inflammatory response throughout the body, leading to health problems such as obesity, digestive issues and a weakened immune system to name a few. By getting rid of these negative food groups over the 30 days your body can heal these issues and become more balanced.

With wheat and sugar being the staple of the general population’s diet nowadays it seems absurd to completely eradicate it. However with serious medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease becoming everyday health problems it may be the best thing you ever do. Why 30 days? It isn’t a lifetime so it isn’t unreasonable to think that anyone can stick to it. However it is long enough to change your taste buds and become accustomed to foods you never thought you would like. It gives your body and mind a chance to break out of bad habits and associations you may have built up in the past.

It will also hopefully teach you to be more bodily aware. As we stumble through life with a foggy head and bloated stomach we have forgotten what it feels like to move and focus with ease. Eating clean and ridding your body of the toxic build up will show you how your body was supposed to feel. Performing better in day to day life, sleeping more soundly at night, thinking clearly and dropping excess weight are just a few of the benefits you will see throughout the 30 days.



Clean Eating Seminar with Coach Jess


The main structure of the diet will be based upon eating Meat, Vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Each individual will take from this structure their own perception of it. However the stricter you are to adhering to these rules the better the results you will see at the end.

Whether your priority is to lose weight, improve sports performance, or just too live a healthier way of life, ‘The Clean Eating Challenge’ is for you!

Coach Jess




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