Saxon Athlete Makes County Team!

Saxon Athlete Makes County Team:



Camilla and Luca


Although CrossFit is now seen as a sport in itself, its original purpose was to increase its practitioners ability in any given physical activity, especially other sports. One of the primary principals of CrossFit is to use your enhanced fitness to regularly learn and play new sports! Saxon CrossFit athlete Camilla Jewiss has done just that!

Camilla has recently qualified for the Norfolk Inter-County and County Dressage Team with her horse Luca and has thanked CrossFit for improving her performance in the arena.

Requiring both rider and horse to maintain good posture, positioning and control throughout their performance, dressage requires excellent body awareness and core strength. With Luca being a particularly large horse Camilla has noticed her increased core and upper body strength, since starting CrossFit, has helped her achieve higher scores in her most recent competitions. Since starting at Saxon CrossFit Camillas scores have increased by 8%!

Currently competing at medium level in National competitions Camilla is looking to progress to the advanced-medium level soon and hopes CrossFit will help get her there!


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