Hack – a trick or skill that when applied makes things more efficient or easier.

Have you ever noticed that as humans we are pretty negative creatures? Everything we do seems a chore, a hassle and a burden – even going to the gym can be seen as something we have to do. Recently I read an article which highlighted to me that with a slight adjustment on outlook we can make all those things you feel you have to do more tolerable.

Next time you catch yourself saying ‘I have to……(insert whatever task you fancy)’ replace it with, ‘I get to……’.

Most of our day to day tasks, the things we find burdensome, are accompanied by our mindset of I have to. I have to go to work. I have to go to the gym. I have to wash up. I have to walk the dog.

Just by viewing these tasks as something we have to do we change the way they make us feel and therefore how well and with how much vigor we complete them.

Now imagine viewing these tasks as things you get to do. I get to go to work every day. I get to go to the gym and push my body. I get to wash up. I get to walk my dog. This change in mindset might just make you realise how fortunate we all are. Getting to do all of those things means you are living a pretty safe and secure life, with choices and options – something some people don’t get.

So, next time you find yourself listing all the things you have to do that day try listing them as the thing you get to do – it might just make them a little easier.

Thanks to CrossFit Invictus for the thought provoking article.