Last week’s article was all about relaxing on holiday. It was all about using the time to recover, unwind and enjoy some well-earned time away from the box and strict eating regimes. This post is for those of you who are still keen to keep on top fitness form whilst away – but still want to enjoy yourselves too! There are a few little things you can do to keep on top of your health and well-being whilst still relaxing and enjoying your time away:

Train – the obvious one is to keep working out. Now we don’t mean driving 45 minutes every day to the nearest CrossFit box or spending an hour trying to make the hotel gym fit your programming. Speak to your coach before you go and get some ‘holiday WODs’. There are hundreds of short, no kit workouts you can do in around 20 minutes. Hitting one of these 4 days a week whilst your away will keep you ticking over and won’t eat too much into your family time.

Be active – training is fun but using your fitness is even more so. Swim, bike or hike on holiday and you’ll be training without even realising it. Getting out and exploring your new surroundings is a great way to get more from your holiday and keep your body on point. Water sports are also a fun and interesting way of keeping your fitness up without feeling like your missing out on relaxing.

Drink sensibly – we all know drinking all day on holiday is ok but if you’re serious about keeping all your gains this is any easy habit to avoid. You can still enjoy a beer with lunch and go nuts in the evening but that gin and tonic with your granola just isn’t a necessity.

Eat sensibly – similar to the drink, just keep it moderate. Everything you eat on holiday doesn’t need to be sugar coated or deep fat fried. We can all agree fruit always tastes better on holiday and it’s a great alternative to that doughnut you were planning on having for brekkie! Trying to eat sensibly for one or two meals a day will make a huge difference to your end of holiday fitness.

Be a kid – on holiday kids are pretty much non-stop. They charge about all day, spend hours in the pool or sea, crash out early in the evening and wake up with the sun to do it all over again – sounds like a sweet holiday to me!

Relaxing completely on holiday is not a bad thing, nor is wanting to keep active and continuing with a healthy lifestyle. Whichever option choose just remember to enjoy yourself, do something new and refrain from posting beach pictures on social media!