Every month at Saxon CrossFit we like to highlight one of our members who has been particularly epic that month. Someone who has gone above and beyond in terms of being part of our community. This month we’ve decided to highlight not a single member but a group of members, our Saxon Teens.

All through the current lockdown we have continued to run our teen session online and we have had a dedicated group of teens keeping up with their training and pushing themselves to stay fit and active in this weird time.

Tom has maintained an epic level of motivation, always keen to learn new movements and push his limits. Since he joined our Teen Academy last year Tom has progressed significantly and his improved fitness and confidence is clear to see.

Tye is equally driven and has a clear desire to be the best at what he does. He is not afraid to get uncomfortable in a workout and is now regularly at the top of the class.

Brandon is a gymnastics ninja consistently nailing pull ups and other body weight movements. His confidence has soared since he joined our Academy and his dedication to improving his weaknesses is awesome.

Harvey is super keen. Always ready and always willing to work hard. One of the best runners in the teens he regularly keeps up with the adults on a post-box run! Like his brother he is pretty good at the gymnastics stuff too!

Maddie, our only female teen member, is always keen to show the gents how it’s done. Consistent, hard working and a great motivator of her fellow classmates Maddie has a natural talent for olympic lifting and is the strongest lifter in our teens group.

Taking an interest in and working on your fitness is something many of us wish we had started at a younger age and it’s great to see such a dedicated and hard working group of teens prioritising their fitness.

As always we asked the guys some questions to find out more about them and their fitness journey:

What do you like about CrossFit?

Tye  – keeps me fit,  seeing the people I wouldn’t see at school

Maddie – I like the social aspect of it, it keeps me fit, I feel more motivated when I do the classes with help from the people who do it. I also enjoy the competitiveness of it all 

Brandon –  keeps me  fit, it helps push me and keeps me motivated 

Tom – I like seeing the people, better than going to a normal gym, I enjoy the coaching that helps me get motivated to do it.  

Harvey –  I like the fact I have to do what I have been told even when I don’t like the movements

What do you like about Saxon in particular?

Tom  – I like the coaching and the whole aspects of CrossFit at Saxon 

Tye –  the coaches, they’re great 

Maddie – I like the coaches and we are treated more like adults compared to the old CrossFit I went to and the social aspects that come with it 

Brandon –  I like the coaches they are the better than others I have been with

Harvey – the quizzes have been great, the people I do the classes with and the coaches they motivate us to do better. 

What’s your favourite thing to do in a Saxon class?

Tom  – weighted workouts they are fun to do and better than you can do at home 

Tye  –  rowing, I just love it it’s fun to do 

Maddie –  the weighted workouts, the Olympic lifting is great, it makes me feel strong 

Brandon –  I like core workouts because it’s get me abs and I enjoy doing pull-ups 

Harvey – running because I enjoy it the most and it’s easy for me to do, pull-ups and core I also enjoy 

What movement’s don’t you enjoy in a class?

Tom – running because it’s boring 

Tye – burpees, I find them hard and don’t like them 

Maddie  – running it never seems to get easier and find it the most challenging thing to do 

Brandon –  I’m not fond of Olympic lifting because find the most difficult to do

Harvey –  rowing because every stroke feels like I’m not going any faster or improving 

Describe Saxon in 3 words 

Tom – fun motivating hard

Tye –  fun enjoyable amazing 

Maddie – friendly challenging and fun

Brandon –  fun challenging and hard

Harvey –  difficult friendly motivational 

What improvement have you seen with your self over the past year ?

Tom – my core has improved couldn’t do sit-ups before and my squats are now better 

Tye  – my stamina has improved and I can now lift the barbell properly 

Maddie – I’m happier because I’m fitter, I managed to achieve my first chin up in my garage not too long ago!

Brandon –  my endurance and pulls ups have improved 

Harvey-  my running, I am also now able to do dips which I couldn’t do before