So the lock-down has eased for most of us now and we can, hopefully, start looking to getting back to some elements of normality. Whilst full blown inside classes might still just over the horizon we are currently able to run small outdoor classes for people to come and get after some fitness.

Here’s what to expect: both from us and from your body

From us:

The experience will be different. The classes are outside, regardless of weather. If it rains you are getting wet and if it’s sunny you are getting warm.

We will be using minimal kit and cleaning all the kit between workouts. The workouts will be slightly shorter so we have the cleaning time between sessions.

The gym is ultimately off limits but you can use the bathroom if you need to. We will be cleaning that between sessions too.

Social distancing will be in play and we will need you all to be mindful and respectful of the space you use and walk through.

As much as we love having you all hang around and chat we don’t want large groups of people milling about shooting the breeze so please don’t be mindful of numbers etc.

Together we can make this work this just fine and provide you all with some epic workouts and top quality coaching.

From you:

Making the comeback to classes will be different for everyone but the vast majority of us are going to experience:

Stiffness: we probably haven’t been warming up or mobilising as much as normal and the array of movements we’ll have been exploring will have been limited. It’s likely overhead positions will feel tight, those hamstrings might feel a little less flexible and your hips might be paying for working from your sofa for a bit.

Weakness: most of us probably haven’t been under serious load for a couple of months. When we get back under those barbells it’s going to feel heavy, real heavy. Be prepared to start slightly lighter than you might want to and to accept that some of your strength progress might be missing. It will come back though, I promise, and faster than it did before.

Un-comfortableness: even if you’ve been crushing workouts at home chances are you haven’t been working quite as hard as you would have done or will do in a class. Be prepared for the workouts to feel a little harder and seem a little more savage for a bit. Once you’ve hit a few and you remember that feeling of suck you’ll be back to loving it again, I swear!

Nervousness: some of us will be nervous. We haven’t been around people, we haven’t maybe trained, we might be concerned over COVID stuff. Nerves are normal. Feel free to speak to a coach or drop me a message and I will do all I can to reassure you whatever the issue is. Get back on that horse and you’ll be back to feeling at home with us in no time.

Loss of fitness: all in coming back to a class might make some of us feel like we’ve taken a huge step back in our fitness journey. To be frank most of us probably have, I know I have. But that’s only a problem when you solely focus on the destination and not the ride. My squat and deadlift are less than 4 months a go, pull ups are harder and I once again loathe the air-bike. But that’s cool cause now I get to build them all back up again and have a blast doing so. The mindset we approach coming back with will make all the different so be prepared for it to be challenging but also be prepared to crush that challenge.

We can’t wait to see you all in a class soon!