Another month flies by and another month of awesome work from our members. This month the coaches all voted the always awesomely dressed Greg Jones as our member of the month, top work dude!

Greg joined Saxon about 2 seconds before the COVID lockdown came into play. Rather than sack it off as nothing ventured nothing gained Greg jumped into our online classes and consistently worked hard from his living room. Once we were able to offer the outside sessions Greg was there bringing a unique and infectious energy to the classes he was in.

Since we’ve been allowed back inside Greg has excelled. He works hard in the classes and is always keen to learn. He asks awesome questions, genuinely listens and reacts to the answers and is always keen on the how’s and why’s of things – a quality we love.

Greg has also utilised our open gym sessions to work on skills and weaknesses and to build a solid foundation on which to progress. He is going to crush CrossFit over the months and years ahead.

Along with being generally awesome Greg is one of the best dressers at Saxon. If a unicorn had a wardrobe it would look like Gregs and his colourful outfits brighten the darkest of hours in the box!

We asked Greg:

What brought you to Saxon CrossFit?

When I first moved to Norfolk, I visited a few gyms that were pretty soulless spaces – earphones in, head down, do your own thing, you know the drill. My first sessions at Saxon were the opposite – every coach came and said hello, the other members helped me out, and there were demonstrations for all of the exercises. Everyone at Saxon gave me an amazing welcome and I knew this was a place I wanted to invest time and energy to grow and improve. The sense of community is unlike anywhere I’ve trained before. That togetherness was immediate from the start and the support from coaches and members gives me almost as much of a buzz as finishing the savage workouts.

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

I was in a rut with my training, doing the same things and feeling pretty comfortable. Saxon CrossFit has helped break out of that and has really pushed me in every way; there’s more variety in my training, I’m more committed to my fitness, and I actually enjoy booking onto classes without knowing what the workout is until I arrive at the box.

What’s your favourite thing about Saxon CrossFit?

We have so many opportunities to learn new things and push our boundaries. Until starting CrossFit, olympic lifting was something I’d never have attempted. It looked technical and, frankly, dangerous. But the way we’re coached through each movement, and the support to scale and build things up, means I’ve added a whole new range of movements to work on.

What’s your ideal workout?

I love variety, so anything with multiple elements to get the whole body moving. Pretty much enjoy everything we do, even visits to the postbox.

Describe Saxon in three words?

Epic, spicy, rewarding.

What’s something about you the other members won’t know? 

I’m an unashamed geek and love anything to do with science and nature. I’ll happily bore anyone with facts about the amazing world we live in, so it’s probably a good thing I’m out of breath most of the time we’re at the box.