We know it’s strange times for everyone at the moment and for many of us it might not seem there is much to celebrate. But whilst we realise life has taken a turn and in general things might not be the same we still know our members are out there, working hard, pushing their boundaries and being awesome. We therefore thought it crucial to continue with our member of the month awards.

For March the coaches all nominated long time Saxon Darren Brooks as our Member of the Month – awesome work dude, you have earned it.

Darren has been at Saxon for nearly five years and is continually a positive, hard working and fun addition to any class. Always one to work hard and bury himself he is also always one to talk to anyone, provide great banter and offer support to anyone who might need it.

Darren knows his strengths and his weaknesses and can joke about both in equal measure and despite favouring anything upper body you won’t find him skipping leg day!

Darren impressed all the coaches this month when right before the lock-down he nailed his first bar muscle up like a boss. Darren has been working hard for some time to achieve this and has followed the progressions and advice of the coaches to tick that goal off his list. The best thing about Darrens first muscle up? the smile on his face immediately afterwards!

Consistent with training around his shifts, always smiling, friendly and supportive we couldn’t ask for much more in a Member of the Month. Awesome work Darren, keep it up!

We asked Darren:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?

We had friends over for dinner, Martin & Sophie Fallon, and they were saying how great saxon crossfit was. I assumed it was just a normal gym but my wife Nicola went for her taster sessions. She came back full of praise so after a week I eventually gave in and decided to book in, and never looked back since. 

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

Definitely being able to push myself harder in life in general, mentally and physically. It’s made me realise that just because your head says you are tired & should stop, your body can actually keep going. When things get tough I say to myself,  ‘it could be worse, it could be thrusters!’. 

What’s your favourite thing about Saxon?

Definately not Sam’s music play list! Without doubt the people. The coaches are all amazing, which generates such a friendly community. I’ve genuinely never been to any other gym where you can just chat to everyone, even if you’ve never met them before.

What’s your ideal workout?

Barbell metcons, especially if its over head. 

Describe Saxon CrossFit in 3 words.

Supportive, motivating, friendship

Tell us something about you that the other members won’t know?

After 5 years at the box you all know most things about me, like I dont like squats or burpees 🙂 
I have trained in karate for 28 years & currently 5th Dan black belt. Although many many years ago I competed, and beat, the likes of Anton Du Beke at Ballroom & Latin  dancing. (photo evidence available to the highest bidder!)