January Member of the month at Saxon CrossFit Wymondham, Norfolk

sophie falon

As we grow as a community we feel it is important to recognise the achievements of our members on their fitness journey. In order to highlight how hard you all work and all the progress you make we are going to start nominating a ‘member of the month’. Every session the coaches get to watch you all improve as athletes, make new friends, learn new skills and try your hardest to be the best version of yourselves you can be. This is what Saxon CrossFit is all about and it will be the member who embodies this the most each month who will get nominated. Each nominated member will be given a little prize to show how much we appreciate all their hard work. This month we will be giving our ‘member of the month’ a free personal training session.
For our first ‘member of the month’ the coaches have nominated, Sophie Fallon.

Sophie joined Saxon CrossFit early last summer and has been a huge part of the box ever since. Sophie attends classes consistently, listens carefully to the coaches, gives every session her all and uses her spare time to practice skills and weaknesses. She has made huge progress in her strength and mobility and was one of our first female members to achieve multiple strict pull ups and kipping pull ups. An absolute pleasure to coach Sophie will no doubt continue to grow as an athlete and will make a big impact on the UK CrossFit scene very soon.

We caught up with Sophie after class this week and asked her a few questions about life, CrossFit and her goals:

What brought you to Saxon CrossFit?

We have known about CrossFit for a while, and wanted to try something different to a conventional gym. We found Saxon CrossFit with an advert on Martin’s work noticeboard, and couldn’t believe our luck that a CrossFit Box had opened on our doorstep!

What do you think is your biggest achievement since you’ve started at Saxon CrossFit?

Learning to pull-up, then kipping pull-ups. There’s so much to learn but really enjoying the challenge of pushing myself further than I ever thought possible.

What is your favourite/least favourite moment?

Favourite moment – every time we finish a MET-CON, the feeling is unbeatable. Oh, and rope climbing, I never thought I could do that!
Least favourite moment – Rowing sprints! I find them so hard, it makes me cry.

What do you like most about Saxon CrossFit?

Being part of a special group of people with common goals. The coaches are excellent, the kit is great, and the motivation comes from the group of people working hard in every class.

What are your short/long term training goals?

Short term – I would like to be able to do some of ‘The Girls’ WODS as Rx.
Long term – to get fitter, stronger, and maybe one day be able to walk on my hands.

Tell us something about yourself that the other members do not know?

I am a cheese-a-holic. I would eat it every day if I could!

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